my food's the torment of the world
my cup hath screams of dying
there is no famine in my house

i wake to aching music
and bathe in red rivers
i can not see the sunlight

i hear death in forgiveness
i smell the fumes of hate
i know the trap before me

how long the wall of danger?
what peace contains the joy?
my sword has kept its sharpness

yet i'm my ever double
by horror i am blessed
i touch the sacred beauty

alas comes gentle duchess
departs she at the twilight
none on earth know loving

heaven's formed the battle
i must give full attend
i have been groomed for death

the roses are temporal
i'm not allowed to rest
god herself has shield me

i take my leave this moment
the duchess has returned
heaven's not entirely cruel

i'm given dreams of blissful
i'm taken to soft grass
i love my daily torture

soon duchess i shall join you
in velvet skies of joy
reward is in my dying

her name can not be spoken
awaits me with her kiss
we'll both command the angels

my tears are much a blessing
my torment, best of flavor
waste no sorrow on my fate

my pain's divine endurance
its magnitude is love
i shall enjoy the heavens

prepared i am for beauty

(c) erik 21 May 2013, 9:04am