I Remember Love I Loved

i remember the love i loved, i remember the high place,
the ethereal grass and lavender skies, the golden wheat
i remember discourse most endearing and shadow turn to light.
she sat on a high bench, immune from worldly manner
i on a high bench with dove on my epaulette, spear in my hand
we keeled by willow trees singing songs of rivers
i surrendered my fortress and its arms
the love i loved was majesty in my dreams
when sunrise kissed mountain peaks,
when twilight served twinkling stars,
both war and mischief were stilled a term
the love i loved; her love she loved,
took form as feast for pure and base alike
the heavens were seated on earth

i remember the sting of abruption,
the terror of conclusion,
discordant song of betrayal,
the ebb of crystal waters,
dark shadows turned willows gray,
and colors lost their glow.
calm waters now raging, struck man and beast
high angels fired the icy plains,
oceans slew river foul
now to hate the love i loved
and join the deathly meal

i remember love that loved
the lyric common verse of one to the other,
the gentle breeze kissing daffodils,
unicorns fed from our hands
these things, the restoration of first memories,
and the rebirth of beginnings
i remember fear born of pain and sorrow,
set aside by sincerity, purity,
a bird sitting on my window sill,
guardian of temperance
i, an ever present shadow, silent,
as was always, with sword to defend
now as i surrender again,
now as i receive capitulation,
we become as reciprocals, indentured to loving
i know the love i love
the love she loves knows her

(c) erik 19 March 2013, 2:15am