reaching ecstasy i contemplated the good
i sang jean baptiste and sailed on a cloud
i am alone in my beauty...the peace
i came to earth without fear
(now in shadow, i restore my innocence)
i was purified in the lake of my tears
i looked for the impossible... seen in my pre-earth time
i am alone in my beauty...peace
dawn, the companion of my thoughts...
a standard of devotion, exemplar of love

twilight nears and dark is bright
i am the thought of the morning
i thirst for every day as is.
unicorns carried me through trials
i explode with the joy of heaven,
i am alone in my beauty, careless of the water fall
i love with the majesty ... myself
and long for the duchess of lent

i feel the morning dew, trials have pledged truce
i am thrust into a world of love but lost the key
aware, i walk in a void
the beauty of the earth surrounds me
(be mindful, trials are on holiday!)
far, i see the duchess, a never ending road is reduced
(trials are on holiday!)
the new day, i must love without passion
my name is purity, i surrender virginity
i am the love of light and receive the duchess' embrace
i am secured by the memories
as heavenly warrior i knew no defeat
i fell to the world for instruction
love from the duchess is pure and sensual
i know the gift to mortals
love from the duchess is ethereal and orgasmic
i am transfixed

(c) erik 14 june 2013, 4:58am