Towards My Beloved

i ran swiftly through the golden fields of Ashir
i heard the song of my beloved

i braved the raging waters of Fonturin river
i long for the hand of my beloved

i lost my arm in the fight with a dragon
it was better than to loose my beloved

i begged the winds move me quickly
my thirst is satisfied by the heart of my beloved

i descended the great cliffs of the Palisades
i yearn for the embrace of my beloved

i sailed the great ocean and battled the southern storms
i conquered that i may dine with my beloved

i am injured, blood covering lilacs
better to die than fail my beloved

i see angelic image, far, approaching me
it is my beloved

my heart restores strength
i heal by the touch of my beloved

(c) erik 14 June 2013, 5:24am