The Suffering of Loving

would that i suffer ten thousand days and ten thousand thorns
might that i be impaled in war
yes i shed my hands and have sight striped from me
these things, small price for loving

though i know naught but pain and the horror of ages
and waters of great lakes are made of my tears
yet i am comforted, if only for a brief time
by the newness of love

i have seen valleys of dark shadows,
rivers of blood, and screams of the outraged
i have tasted the bitterness of torment
i must forget and give way to the gentleness of affection

surely i have been author of the the dark ways
and have thrown serenity into barren caves
certainly i have fed the blood of the courageous to wolves
but now i await cleansing by the Duchess of Lent

(c) erik 21 june 2013 9:37pm