The Mission of Loving Two

we stood outside the third realm
looking in with purity of conjecture
we were alone, holding hands
banished from our own world.
we were the bruised of the loving clans
who had yet to temper their souls the fires of the fifth age

we were the outcast of earth,
the pure of heart thrown about the winds of hate and treachery
severed by the swords of indifference
heaven smiled and would not let us pass
for we gave hope to the minds of trees,
......gentility to the mighty and death to the usurpers of roses

we embraced to remind us of our power
then recited our charge, (such holy enterprise)
not fit for mortal practice, not justice to be abandoned
our embrace weighed upon the wretched
it was the love of love's ages
whose depth reached up past heaven
it was the food of the earth, it refused banishment
our kiss showered empty hearts with joyful tears

we were the reminder of the kingdom of love
heaven joined, outside earth's gate, and kept from our pasture
we revealed to the forlorn, a vision of beauty

(c) Erik 6 July 2013, 2:52am