The Princess on Rhayen Hill

Rhayen Hill dwarfed Thurium castle.
A Princess lay atop a bed of roses.
Bathed by the warmth of heaven,
I saw the glow of her face; the peace.
Her countenance retired my sword.
"Knight, defend me with your ways".
I drew near with hand on hilt.
Her mind touched blade's edge.
It sang,

"slay the dragons"
"turn them to bridges"
"bring sight to the fifth age"
"rescue the loving"

I became chained by links of compassion.
But broken by the suffering of the world.
She put lace on my epaulettes.
"Less your burden take you to dark ways...",
(Her finger pointed to the East)
"...become the living".
I heard sorrow and punished myself.
I took leave of my regiment to honor a Princess.

I retired to Rhayen forest; clawed by a bear.
Blood flowed onto Ribbon Creek.
Replaced by elixir of cool winds.
The Princess, "be what you defend".
I attacked dragon's cave, seized the loving stones.
Their taste unsettled my soul.
I slew the dragon while it slept.
The walls of the cave relaxed.

I fled on a road paved by scales.
I became love and entered the darkness
As a light blinding the doomed.
I am fate to the captured of my clan.
I seized my betrayer and set her on a golden ship.
She sailed to the forgiving lands,
redeemed in the arms of an angel.
I had obeyed my orders.
I restored the purity of my soul.

I rejoined my regiment,
And drank smiles of the Princess on Rhayen Hill

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