the sun found rest upon her face
yet i looked and felt the fear of failure
her smile was all spoken words
i thought of snares and sorrow
"there is no pain in my hand"
and i, "words of our age"
her gown was made from the blue of skys
the flower in her palm, a lovely cloud
"my name is Liawen Morning Song"
"i am the voice of settlement"
"who comes to renew your strength by azure waters"
"i am the peace of willows"
i took her speech with marvel and trepidation
and i, "my name is not; i am the tasks of the fifth age"

a great eagle flew overhead and let loose a blue feather
that retired upon my shoulder
i heard it scream, 'confirmed!'
the warmth of heaven increased in me
as did the sharpness of my steel; i was complete
she was transformed a little lower
her bright countenance and gentle hand imprisoned me
"love come quickly; fear away!"
i lived in peace thereafter
and knew no bitterness

i awakened to the weakness of the world
took up my arrows and the great bow
i stood watch on ethereal ramparts

(c) Erik, 21 Dec. 2012, 4:20am