...her reply was,
"my name is She"
"my name is Moon in Bright Stars"
"my name is Waters of Black Crystals"
i stood fixed by the beauty of her soul
i saw grace in her form
and peace in her countenance
i was ascended to the ethereal
immoble, standing in winter's snow
her brightness turned the world gray

in the freezing winds of the north lands
my touch warmed air and ice flake
'Moon in Bright Stars' made me prisoner
her beauty was first amongst earth
"my name is Treasure of Dreams"
i tried to fight her; chains bound me tighter

i was the captive of immeasurable joy
resisting, i was surrounded by her love as a cloud
"my name is Long One"
"my name is Gift of the Heaven"
"my name is Your Love"

i was facing myself
i had deserted me during the war in the east
i gave myself the blood of stripes
i was two persons in conflict
darkness and lovelessness prevailed
i was gripped by the totality of despair
now by orders of heaven
i became manifest in the flesh of the earth
i was instantly of one nature
i was almost alone
"my name is Victory of love"

'she' placed a ring of starlight on her finger
it was cleft in two by the sword of Venus
she placed one half in the palm of my hand
"your name is Chosen"
while trembling i placed it on my finger
i became as the love of Brady's Lair
i saw the air; it was affection
i danced with the starlight
i lost all memory, save peace

"my name is Answer"
i knew my name was Question
'she' knelt and offered me steel of unknown colour
"knight me with this sword"
it was the weapon of -forever love-
to be touched only by the profound
i felt its heaviness
i took it with my right hand and felt its lightness
i knighted her, 'End of My Secret'

thus in the warmth of winter's winds,
while there appeared the love of always,
thus as i felt the victory over myself,
i was now wed in the way of the loving clans
trusting again as did the peoples of the oath
renewed, i joined my regiments who teared
'Waters of Black Crystals' followed me

'She' was invisible to the unloving but seen by my armies
'She' was the beacon of their strength,
commander of the Blue Stones
i returned as the author of myself
i saw victory of the loving above the hatred of the world
i cried in the night
i was in love with 'She'

(c) Erik, 24 Nov. 2012, 5:37am
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