I Smell God in Her Fingers

that i may drink from the valley of sweet waters
that i am embraced by the boldness of your love
that by your will i am taken from the depths of despair
these are the things of dreams and wonder

that the winter wind is made gentle by your touch
and my voice calls to you across all seas
that your breast nourish me with the brightness of the sun
thus i am taken to Lavender Hills and velvet grass

that my heart beats irregular moments
that my lips touch the form of your hips
that your arms seem the fur of the gentle pup
then should i gift demons with much alarm

for i am the long forgotten
who took refuge from the doom of the earth
for i am the one you discovered
when should i ever love?

now at the hour past my trials
now at the nearness of my beginning
now as i walk the beauty of your smiles
i am made the warrior of the second kind

now as i journey ever towards your love
now as i fight the battles of the road
though death's angel keep my thirst unquenchable
by you, i am still made love

(c) Erik 11 Jan. 3:47am