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Dear friends

You do me know as "Enjoy Heavens Music".

For supporting the changing of eating habits I started here a side which promotes fine Vedic (AYUR) Art of producing food which helps to develop higher states of consciousness!

So, I will be honort getting you here also as my friend:

BUT WHY FRANK goes also into cooking: Because I am also a "Chef-cook" in Maharishis Art of Ayurvedic cooking and was being a Chef of the first Maharishi Ayurveda clinic in Germany.

So, the guests asked me to write down some of my recipes from my experiences of 30 years in the Vedic art of cooking. friend of the peaceful/non-violence art of vegetarian cooking. Some friends here asked me to open a side where one can dive into this beautiful way of producing sattwic/heavenly food. Unfortunately my recipes are so fare only in German, my book has been recently translated into Serbian language. But at last you get some picture already. My friends I do know, most of you are vegetarians, urge yours friends & family to come with us in the boot, because soon Mother Nature want allow any more the killing of innocent animals, this is very near in still being a cannibal. World will & must change, because we can not get enlightenment without changing our bad habits into peace- and loving ones!! 3 weeks ago I was cooking for a German TV Program WDR 3 in the Maharishi Ayurveda style, which is healthy, tasty, light digestive & of course pure & vegetarian: I do apologize for the bad quality of sound, because I shot it directly from TV with my simple canon camera. Cheers Love & Light for all beings & for that Sat-Yuga soon fully may descend. JAI GURU DEV


Franks has opened a Sattwic food side at myspace AN INVITATION TO ALL MY FRIEND!