If a friend had a spot of mustard on his chin, would you tell him?  I consider this post akin to being a friend who is kind enough to tell you that "something is rotten in Denmark", the "barn door is open", and "you have toilet paper on your shoe".

Okay, here it is.  “Your colors are hideous!”  I’m not the first to say it and I won’t be the last.

If you recently changed over from a CRT to a cheap flat-screen monitor, then it’s likely that your ability to display colors has changed significantly.  As a result, when you process images with your new monitor, you are pushing the color limits to a point that they are WAY overdone!

Some will be saying the same about my work.  That’s fine.  I’m sure that your work looks fine to you.  That’s good too.  But once you upgrade to your next monitor, my bet is that you will be shocked and saddened at the amount of time you put into images that no longer look presentable. 

Do you have a question as to how your images look?  Plug in your old monitor, or go find a high-end monitor somewhere and look at your images.

Now, do I have broccoli stuck in my teeth?