So, did Ipernity die out with the trans* folks already?

A visit earlier today to a trans* group on here revealed that no one has posted anything in weeks. Discussion threads were about a year old. What happened?

When Flickr made it's controversial changes to the photostreams, trans* girls seemed to be rushing like a mad mob to jump ship. Many mentioned Ipernity and hailed it as the second-coming of the old Flickr style and praised features like being able to write articles such as this one.

As of this writing, less than a handful of my long-time connections are here. Most posts are few and very far between. Girls who would be flooded with comments and favorites on Flickr have a trickle of traffic. Many of my own ohotos have been viewed once or twice if at all and I've had three comments total in three months now.

So, what happened?

I imagine that it's the age-od situation like we have with Facebook. A change is made, people complain, threats are made, and eventually the smoke and dust settle and people suck up the changes and carry on out of sheer habit and lack of real options.

Let's face it, nothing is quite like Flickr, even if we don't like Flickr very much.