Okay, maybe the title is a bit of a misnomer. Just my feable attempt at a clever title for yet another trans* bio.

The basics are as follows: I am 43 years of age, 5'7" in stocking feet (6'2" in stockings and heels), and I am a transvestite. I also define myself as a crossdresser, but it really all boils down to me being yet another one of those chaps who prefers to browse the ladies section at the local clothiers. I have been this way all of my life and I do not know why.

Let me be clear that I am not queer, or gay, or homo, or anything other than straight as a male. I have been married to a wonderful and supportive wife for over 10 years and we are as happy and fulfilled as we want to be with each other. I have no interest in relationships with anyone of any type or orientation beyond simple friendship and fellowship in only the most appropriate manners. I have absolutely no problem with anyone else's self-identification and orientation and am honestly very flattered when people show any interest in me, but I have my wife and she is all I want or need.

I did transition in my 20s. I did the hormones and lived full-time as a woman for over two years only to discover that doing all of the work to be a decent-looking woman was too much for me on an everyday basis. In the end, I re-built a life as a male and kept my make-up and heels around for myself when I want to be like that.

I have been online for a while mostly via Flickr. A breach of my security there scared me away, though, and so I decided to set up a little place for myself here on ipernity. There isn't as much activity here, and I still have most of my friends on Flickr, but it feels safe and my true friends have already found me here.