In launching my PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC SPACES 2009 webpage my focus is on a mural that I photographed on Monday morning, 19 January 2009 when en route to the Fort Lauderdale Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March I waited for the #40 bus at the Broward Central Terminal.

After an exhausting Google search, last night, I was able to find only one reference on the internet by LauderBLOGGER Robert Spencer Knotts regarding the Fort Lauderdale Government Center Mural which was painted by Daddona Studios of Pompano Beach.

In the 10 August 2007 Hidden in Plain View - Part Two posting, Knotts reveals how details of the mural sheds light on the story of greater Fort Lauderdale’s early days.

Painted from 1988 to 2002, the 90' x 40' Fort Lauderdale Mural is only one of many works of art created by Daddona Studios of Pompano Beach.