Having visited Eastern Market since the fall of 1978 whenever I now pass through the complex which, according to the American Planning Association, is located in one of the 10 Great American Neighborhoods of 2007 ... as I did this past Saturday, 6 December 2008 I make a point to bring attention to interesting vendors, exhibitors and/or musicians.

My focus today is on the THE MAP MAN, Jim Tam who also caught my attention at the 2007 Downtown Holiday Market event.

Here is some information that I came across when googling THE MAP MAN, Jim Tam.

While I did not locate any web presence for THE MAP MAN, Jim Tam, if you are looking for THE MAN who sells and buys OLD MAPS, Jim Tam can be found each Saturday and Sunday at Eastern Market's Flea Market in the Hine Junior High School parking lot.

Featured in a July 2006 Discovery Channel Travel Guide documentary film, the Eastern Market Complex, located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood of SE Washington DC, and housed in a 19th century brick building, is on the National Register of Historic Places.