The new pope - Francis

Now he has been elected - the
- new pope -
He calls himself Francis
- Nomen est omen -

The cardinals – bishops and Roman-Catholic Christians
have their new spiritual leader – their pope
- their new supreme commander -

The first thing the cardinals do after the election is:

Kneel before their newly elected leader
and promise to be obedient and loyal
An external acknowledgement
that they are surrendering their powers.
The pope has been in office for just one day –

And already there are desires – expectations – scepticism.
- an Argentine pope – a Jesuit -

A sentence from my theological studies
occurred to me spontaneously:

"Suaviter in modo - fortiter in re"
“Resolute in execution, gentle in manner”
The pope most certainly knows this phrase
by the Jesuit Claudio Aquaviva.

It could be of help to him and serve him in his future work.

The “Roman-Catholic Church,”
in particular its hierarchy,
has a heavy burden to carry.
Century-old dogmas –
Century-old theological speculations and definitions,
But above all, the “Codex Juris Canonci”
- the 900-page code of Canon Law -
published by Pope Benedict XV on 15 September 1917.

And last, but not least, the

"New Testament"

with 500pages

A teacher of the law
stood up to put him (Jesus) to the test

and asked:
“Master, what do I have to do to obtain eternal life?”
Jesus replied.
“What does the law state – how do you understand it?”
The master responded:
“Though shalt love the Lord thy God
With all thy heart,
and with all thy soul,
and with all thy strength,
and with all thy mind;
and thy neighbour as thyself.”
Jesus replied:
“Do that – and you will live.”

(Lucas 10, 25-28)

not quite one page 42 words

The pope needs to get rid
of some major burdens/obstacles

If yes
? Which ones and how?

The Pontifex – the bridge builder –
Has a difficult task ahead of him.
He needs luck and tact.
“Resolute in execution, gentle in manner”
"Suaviter in modo - fortiter in re"

? Who will rule now?

- the Curia – unknown men -
- other unknown instigators –


together with a team of good and experienced counsellors.

Because - in the end
he is the one who determines
the road taken as well as the destination.

- an ecclesiastical hierarchy with a heart -
- Francis seems to have that -

Translation by Tamara Girke