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  • flickr's Interestingness algorithm is less than perfect

    - 12 years ago - 1 comment #20 today in the calendar and showing on the front page of Explore......we should all comment and fav and push it up to the top. I already have.

  • Seagulls with Sequins

    - August  8, 2007
    She quickly disrobes, then dons her bird wings. Otherwise naked she dives through the window into wanton rhythms and churlish challenges to my caged decrepitude. Slithering on waxy winds she swirls up my floo-less chimney, trims the tree of my titillation and grasps me by the tinkling, tinsel-draped balls. "You're well-hung, baby." I move down a branch and sideways, hoping to skew her over-estimation of my holiday spirit. Cart-wheeling in my exhaled lust she recovers…

  • 13 Gigapixel Panoramic Photo of Harlem

    - July 30, 2007
    Check this out. very fun.

  • 999 Drops of Light

    - July  4, 2007 - 1 comment
    I have been working for the last year on a collection of water drop photos that I call 1000 Drops of Light. I passed the 1000 photo mark, and built the set tonight. Problem is, it appears ipernity has a 999 doc limit in their albums. I will never make 1000 as long as it stands. I'm not sure what I will learn from this. Please enjoy 999 Drops of Light ! The slideshow has musical accompaniment. Free raincoats to anyone who views the whole set (just kidding).

  • Organizational challenge...

    - July  3, 2007
    Sorry my photo space is in such disarray. I moved my entire collection from filtr over the last two days. It went pretty smoothly considering I moved 3500+ photos with all their metadata. Most are still set to private while I organize them. I spent some time building a set of water droplet photos tonight. There are 1059 of them! I passed the 1000 mark I was aiming for on filtr and didn't know it. Unfortunately, the organizer crashed and wouldn't save the set. Maybe there is an Album size limi…

  • Such quality! Who are we?

    - June 26, 2007
    Just a quick blog post to say how much I am enjoying the quality of work being posted here at ipernity. It is like an art gallery here. Truly impressive, uh, what are we called? Ipernauts? Ipernitians? Ipernites? Ipernitines...? Suggestions?

  • Slideshow is great!

    - June 22, 2007
    I just tried the slideshow. What a great feature. I recently uploaded some of my own music I have been making with GarageBand. When I loaded the slideshow, my music started to play as well, and you can easily alter the music playing during the slideshow from within the presentation. Genius. This development team has really brought together the best of the social networking sites. I just hope their infrastructure can scale quickly!

  • Shining a light on Licht~~~~~

    - June 22, 2007
    I tracked down Paul Gehret and invited him to join us. I hope he does. He was a bright light on flickr and he disappeared abruptly when the sheisse hit the fan.  

  • testing...

    - June 21, 2007 - 2 comments
    Just wanted to see if I could embed a photo from my flickr account in my ipernity blog...looking for ways to make Yahoo work for me instead of the other way around. Yes, it works...the blog editor here is great. I dropped into html source and modified things with no problem. Notice the photo does not link you back to flickr ;-) This is not something I plan on doing, but I wanted to do it just for irony's sake.

  • I like it here...

    - June 20, 2007 - 1 comment
    So far, so good. The flickr import script for GreaseMonkey works great, but of course I rapidly ran out of quota on my free account. I started with my family photos, which are private, and 200MB disappeared pretty quickly.