I moved to Ipernity from Flickr, but the community aspect of photo-sharing is new to me. I was mainly using Flickr to store photos for one of my hobbies, Spoonflower (a custom fabric printing site where anyone can design and Spoonflower does the actual printing. I set mine to let other people use them on fabrics they buy- I get a 10% commission but since I have to buy proof swatches myself & it's rare I get a sale I can't call it anything other than a fun hobby that doesn't come close to paying its own expenses.) I joined Flickr in 2011 so I could join the Spoonflower Flickr forum & also share photos of fabrics & fabric projects.

Immediately after I joined I discovered Flickr was owned by Yahoo! ... I would rather not invest my heart in any site under the Yahoo! umbrella, so I joined only the Spoonflower group and kept my photo uploading to a minimum.

I had a Pro membership at Flickr and considered keeping it even after site usability for me dropped drastically, but it got to the point the old adage 'are you better off with them or without them' applied so I went free, deleted all pics that weren't linked somewhere, and took the pro-rated refund. I applied it against an Ipernity club membership and have been chewing away at the backlog of photos on my computer, trying to sort out the best ones to share.

I used to have a website at Mac.com, but the photos I'd put up predated digital cameras and unlimited photo storage, so they were all scans of photos reduced in size to the point they wouldn't be nice at Ipernity. Maybe someday I'll dig out my quilt and cats and zoos and teddy bear albums and rescan the best ones at high resolution.