Ok, ok! I’ve been procrastinating for a long time and did not translante this big chunk of text up until now...
I made a facebook page for Écho.It’s portuguese only until I’m done procrastinating, but you can always visit us to check on new photos or weird brazilian shit.
Ok, now with the commissions.
I’ve been working with illustrations for half a year now and I wish to improve some more by drawing different stuff in all kind of styles. That’s why I’m charging low prices .

Here are the rules:

-Yeah! There`ll be a waiting list.
- I ask 5 to 10 work days until the drawing is fully done. (I’ll probably take a lot less than that to finish your commission )
-References are more than welcomed! (Seriously I need some references!)
-Each commission contains 1 low-res copy (960x720), 1 high-res copy (A4) and icons for social media!
-During the process you can ask for TWO changes. One during the sketch and another one during colorizing.
-All art done through this commission are for non-profit purposes
-I’ll reserve me the right to deny any commission that I consider offensive, abusive and/or violate any other artist’s work.
-You can see my previous works here

For more information read the FAQ

Any other doubts please contact me :3