Black Monday

I’ve heard of Black Monday, the big stock market collapse around the world on Monday October 19, 1987. When I logged in Flickr, on the morning of 21st May, I felt the same. What the hell is this? A BLACK Tuesday? Did I logged in to any other site? Did I screw-up any settings during the previous login? Did my wife did anything to my laptop? She hates me sitting in front of the laptop, watching photographs. Any strange “virus” affected my beloved Flickr? or my computer? Nowadays, viruses are smart, they don’t fear any antibiotics or anti-virus!!

As usual, I sleeked the help of google, the google search. Thank god, the google was not affected ;) so the virus problem was ruled out. I later learnt that the present CEO of Yahoo did same kind of “design” adventure with Google before joining Yahoo. I googled, “what happened to Flickr?” Immediately, I understood that, they’ve revamped the site. So, my beloved wife didn’t do any harm to my laptop :-)


Google also suggested me to view the flickr “Feedback on resent site changes” page. The moment I clicked that link, I saw all the outrage vented out by the loyal flickr users, ranging from begging to abusing. It was also fueled by Ms. Mayer saying, “There’s no such thing as Flickr Pro today because, there’s really no such thing as professional photographers anymore”. (you all know that latter she tweeted, it was a misstatement). I am relatively new to Flickr and became a pro’ a month before. Even I felt outraged and cheated, I can understand the feelings of a long time, loyal users. It was something like, after through research one orders a 35mm 1.4 lens, and the seller sends 135 mm f/2 instead and saying “I am giving you 100 more mm for free, it looks good, longer and also produces better images than 35mm”

I started reading the comments one-by-one in the feedback page, except one “Mr. Thomas Hawk” everyone else wanted either the old flickr layout or a customizable front page. I am not against change, but the way they did was very unprofessional. They’d have communicated about the change before (I think they are testing this with few selected users?) and explained to we customers, what they are planning to do. I get a sense of arrogance form this big corporate, taking the customer for granted. There are other funky sites exists in this world for photo sharing, but why still people use Flickr? Yahoo didn’t think that way!! All they want is traffic, which will translate into Ad revenue!! This is like our favorite supermarket, overnight replaces all the brand we use to buy with unknown and telling you, this is the best you should eat!!

Coke & Flickr

As I browsed through the comments, one word appeared now and then, which is nothing but “”. hay, what is that? I typed and hit enter. It asked me to register or sign-in, it was okay a few minutes job. I registered my name “Dynamo” and closed, continue reading the “feedback” page which already crossed 25+. I decide, I’ll stop posting in flickr till everything settles down. Due to the outrage, I thought they will at least offer the “classic” flickr as an option and slowly make people accept the new design, like facebook did with “timeline” concept. (I hate that first, after some days got used to that, what other choice I had? all my friends were there anyway)

I was wrong!! Till today they didn’t offer customization. May be they didn’t read the Coco Cola story in their management lessens? When Pepsi sales briefly overtook Coke’s, Coke introduced a reformulated “New Coke” in 1985. The public's reaction to the change was negative and the new Cola was a major failure, sensing the danger the Coke reintroduce the original cola, re-branded as “Classic”. Do we get a flickr classic? I don’t think so!!

New beginning

I waited till May 26th, and posted my first image in ipernity titled “Flickr---> Ipernity, the New Beginning. Initially, I missed my flickr friends, but I got new friends here. I see new great images, new techniques… I like this blog feature in here, even though I never blogged before!! Encouraged by my first ever blog,, I write my second and will trouble you more in future :-)