I am an Engineer by profession from Holland. Now, I consider myself as serious hobbyist Photographer and here is my story… I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon D3000 with the kit lens in mid 2010. At that time, I was completely new to DSLR and to photography as well. I was quiet happy with the “Green” button. Even with the green mode, my pictures were way better than my point and shoot (sensor size), but lacked that “professional” look. Then, I started reading lot of articles in the internet about photography, like how to take better pictures…etc. I slowly graduated to Program mode then to Av, Tv and reached M and still continue reading and experimenting.

A year passed with my D3000, I started thinking that the camera was limiting w.r.t its poor high ISO capabilities and the slow kit lens. Then, the search for upgrade started. At that time, I firmly believed that costly, high end cameras make better picture. So, I short listed Nikon D700 with 50 1.4 G, and started reading lots of reviews about it. I also checked 5d mark II. Enjoyed the arguments of canon & Nikon fans in the forums. From my own research, I come to a conclusion that, Nikon makes good cameras and canon good lenses.

In the mean time, I sold my D3000 and bought myself a Nikon Coolpix, S9100 as a stopgap camera. Once, I almost booked D700 with 50 1.4G. Thanks to my wife, she prevented that to happen. With my limited photographic skills, she firmly believed that was an over kill. Latter, Nikon launched D800 and I didn’t like it much, even though, I know it is a very good camera with good dynamic range. But, I am really scared of that 36 MP, my computer system won’t support it. I was waiting for, something like 16 MP D4 sensor in D700 body. Then came the 5D mark III and I immediately fall in love with it. Now, my configuration changed from D700+50 f1.4 to 5D-III+50 f1.2 or I can compromise to 50 f1.4?. I decided to save for 5D-III+50 f1.2 combo and continue shooting with my Nikon coolpix.

As days passed with my coolpix S9100, (24 to 434 mm FF equivalent), I noticed that my pictures were getting better and my facebook like counts were increased from 2or3 to 20-25. I was always carrying my camera with me. I concentrated on composition. I started post processing my images in LR, even with jpegs, I saw improvements. Slowly, I started realizing that in image making process, a camera is just another tool. If you compose well, nail correct exposure and with good PP skills, you’ll end up with good images., ah.. now I am enlightened.

I realized, form factor is an important thing to me. I cannot compromise an optical view finder. I wanted a semi-professional, compact DSLR for a reasonable price, with great value. I also made-up my mind that, I will only use prime lenses. I am an amateur, I don’t have any pressure to cover everything. If I miss few shots because of single focal length, or time taken to change the lenses, it is okay for me. While researching, I accidently stumbled upon the brand PENTAX. They make some beautiful metallic, small prime lenses called the “Limiteds” I instantly fall in love with them. I bought Pentax K-5II (Euro 849, at that time 5dIII was 2999) along with 35mm F2.8 macro limited in December 2012. I am very much satisfied with K-5's low light ability and the image quality. Even though, the lens is bit nervous in focusing (it is a macro lens with out focus limitter), it produces stunning images with good color and contrast. I love this prime and like to playing around its limitations. It is my normal day today lens. I also bought FEISOL CT-3441SB carbon fiber tripod with CB-40D ballhead to fix my low light, slow shutter speed issues. I always carry my camera with me in my “rugzak”. I bought cheap camera bag inserts from ebay, so that I can use any bag as my camera bag. I also have a Domke strap and F-6 little bit smaller bag. I added DA 15mm f/4 limited and FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited to my collection. It completes my classic 3 lens set-up. Recently, I booked FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited [LBA ;)] to replace my 35 mm macro lens as my day-to-day lens.

Sorry guys for my long story (this is my first ever blog post in a photography site so, please tolerate me). Also, please note that this is my personal view and I am not against any brands or FF camera or promote Pentax. Being said that, I am still an amateur (never be a professional, I know that) and trying hard to become a good photographer. There are so many talented photographers here and I always get inspired looking and admiring their work. I know most of your also have similar journey (everybody is a beginner once) and I am also very eager to hear your story, opinion and thoughts about this.