What does a poem inspire - competition 1 (beta:) at the GVP group

So you are with open eyes, and the picture is born in your mind - you capture it, then make it visible to yourself, and to others. Everything works like this for a photographer. But a poetic photographer artist adds something plus - him/herself, his or her individuality.
Now a real classic poet doe the same but in written text.
Let's combine these powers.

Plan "A": the winner of each compo have to start a new competition by writing us a part (or full) written poem (text) by anyone (or by him/herself). Competitors should post an image, which they think is the most suitable for the text or for the mood that certain poem means or gives to them.

I know it is not easy - but also I belive, it is very challenging. And I belive in your exelence also...

Show it!)