Today i had the pleasure to get a bit of clarity back into my life, not the metaphorical type, but in vision. I had a eye test last week and it confirmed what i was thinking and what my girlfriend agreed with. So now I'm the proud owner of a 2 pair's of glasses. Its great but i was diagnosed that i needed long vision glasses, and reading glasses. But the optician said i didn't need them for everyday use. but use one pair for reading the other for watching say TV. But upon trying them out tonight on the way home from work I'm amazed and the sharpness of focus i now have. I have been "playing with them and figuring them out, just like you would when you get a new camera! Well i have worked out where my long vision focus starts to go and that's at about 2 - 3 mtr, and gets fuzzy after that, now its crystal clear and sharp from 3 mtr plus, its like WOW. So every thing bellow 2 - 3 mtr is in focus and crystal clear without my long vision glasses what should i do? for stuff around the house i decide to take them off if I'm just doing stuff, and would only put them on if I'm gonna watch TV as they make everything from that distance and closer blurry as my eyes are OK in a certain distance. But they make the outdoors look so better so i will wear them. (need to save up for a nicer pair now hehehe) I am still not sure about the readying glasses i have them on now but i cannot see much of a difference in focus, it just makes things a little bigger up to about 0.5 mtr after that it gets blurry. so my eyes on their own are great unaided from 0.5 mtr up to 2 - 3 mtr. Its amazing what you can learn in a day!! and how you can get to see the world in a much clearer light!!