Eternity made the world around us.

The sun goes red, while the Earth is turning. Making the light which is always broken by our atmosphere visible for us once per day. Broken to red. Making the sky so lovely dipped in different colors. That is what we live for. Admire the sky, the sun and our turning Earth.

The world around us is DIVINE. Eternity produces divine circumstances.

In my eyes, that is what makes people think of god. What they call god is one possible model to explain the world around us.

Some may think "god exists" since many people have that model in mind. I would say : As many "religions" exist as minds that can imagine something like that. Every mind has its own idea of "religion". It looks like human beings have a natural tendency to spirituality. Of course it is nice to light up a candle and concentrate on oneself.

What I would like to express is the idea that all religions have a lot in common. My wish would be that with this idea in mind someone would tolerate a different believing more easily.


What do YOU thin k about that matter "Religions and Believing" ?