Who will assure me that my photos and videos will not be used by anybody without my permission ?

I have the impression that photo communities only want to collect masses of medias that will be without any copyright in a distant future. Or the one who uploaded a photo is dead. I wonder what the photos will be used for if so.

You may say : "What's the matter ? Calm down" or "Again somebody who wants to point out himself."
So why am I upset ? I used 100,4% of my upload limit. yes, it seems to be possible to upload a little bit too much. So I thought "Perhaps I can even upload one more film ?" I tried the upload with the iperUpload tool and it finished uploading my film. NOW comes the problem : ONLY AFTER uploading the film the eroor message "Upload limit exceeded !" came up. Why not have this message before uplaoding ? Does ipernity record my film on their hard-drives though ?

Did anybody have the same experience ?