Nursling found in stable


Police and welfare office investigate


Carpenter and underage mother arrested
Bethlehem, Judäa 
In the early morning hours the authorities were informed by a careful citizen. He had detected a young family dwelling in a stable.

 With arrival, the officials of the social service, being supported by police officers, found a newborn baby, who had been put into a crib byhis mother, a certain Maria H. from Nazareth, aged only 14. With the arrest of mother and child a man, being later on identified as Joseph H., being from Nazareth as well, tried to hold the social workers. Joseph, supported by some present shepherds as well as by three unidentified foreigners tried to prevent the entrainment of the child by authorities. Also the  three foreigners were arrested, calling themselves "wise men from an eastern country"! Both the ministry of the interior and the customs are searching for references about the origin of these three men being apparently illegal in our country. A speaker of the police communicated the fact that they did not carry any identification with themselves, but were in possession of gold as well as some possibly forbidden substances. They opposed the arrest and stated, God had told them to go home immediately and to avoid any contact with authorities. The carried chemicals were sent to a forensic laboratory for further investigation.The place of residence of the baby is not communicated up to further. A fast clarifying of the whole case seems very doubtfully. On further inquiries a woman employee of the welfare office stated: " The father is middle aged and the mother definitely not of age yet. We examine straight with the authorities in Nazareth in which relationship those two are to each other; Maria is in the district hospital to medical and psychiatric examinations. She can count on an accusation because of negligence. Her mental condition has to be looked up because she claims still to be a virgin and having conceived the child by God. In an official report the director of psychiatry states:" I am not entitled to tell people what they have to believe, but if this faith leads to that (as in this case) a newborn child is endangered, one has to classify these people as dangerous. The fact that the drugs which were probably distributed by the present foreigners, were accessible to everyone, does not contribute to arouse confidence. I am, however, sure that all involved ones will become normal members of society with the necessary treatment!"

Right now reaches us these infos:


The present shepherds stated rigidly and firmly that a huge man in a nightgown and with wings(!) on his back would have them instructed to visit that stable and to bless the child on his birthday. In addition a speaker of the drug squad stated:"That's really the weirdest excuse of a pothead junky I've ever heard!"


Well then:  Merry Christmas!!


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