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  • New Group: Star Wars

    - 13 years ago
    I very much doubt that I am the only Star Wars geek on Ipernity.  I had some Star Wars related pictures I wanted to send to a group... None existed!  So this was born: ipernity.com/group/starwars Come on in!  

  • Little Flamenca

    - September  2, 2007 - 2 comments
          We drove two hours from our house up north towards St. Louis and then across the Mississippi River into Illinois, to attend to a Spanish get-together of transplants in America from Spain.... It was my wife's first time being around HER peers that understood what it is like to be way over here in America and still feel SPANISH... Previously, she only had visitors FROM Spain come visit her.. and it's sometimes sort of awkward... because they don't understand why she is here. But the…

  • Spanish Food & Mexican Food- NOT THE SAME!

    - July 26, 2007 - 3 comments
    July 21 Spanish Pisto in the making- raw materials. Not to be confused with Italian pesto. Good stuff. All from our farm's gardens (which is mostly just Dad this year.. our house addition keeps us away from gardening) There seems to be a lot of confusion about Spanish food... A in the majority of America- there are not many Spaniards. So Spanish food is a relatively unknown. Most of people I know think Spanish food is same as Mexican food. That could not…

  • I'm back.... I think. :)

    - July 20, 2007 - 1 comment
    I've been away most of the week- exploring this peculiar thing called "Real Life". :) I had some of my old college friends over at my place visiting... We all had a blast! On other news- I got a Speedlite 430EX flash for my camera!! I am quite excited to start experimenting with it.. :) I feel like I could sleep for a whole week... I stayed up way too late chatting all week.. *YAWN*      

  • Sensuality

    - July 10, 2007 - 6 comments
    After nearly 15 years of not having the opportunity to work with a model for a photo session centered around sensuality... at long last I got my chance.   If you  asked me 15 years ago, THAT is what I would say I'd be doing professionally by now.  Life is funny that way. I've missed it.  I miss the humanity of it all.  Most of my more recent photo work is either nature or self-portraits, due to the lack of people to work with. So I am glad to get my chance-- Thanks to the wifey!  I w…

  • Request for audio filter

    - June 30, 2007
    Is there a way to filter out certain docs you don't want to see in people's latest docs?  I mean, nothing against music or anything.... I'm just Deaf that's all. Keep posting like the hearing loons ya'll are, I just wonder if there is a way to *MY* view of your docs uncluttered with things that just don't work for me.. :)  

  • Weeee yet another place to blog... LOL

    - June 20, 2007
    You can't have enough places to blog.