I just watched a movie that I have been wanting to see for some time now and I must confess, it's because it stars Dame Judy Dench but I soon discovered this movie was so much more then I bargained for.

Now most of us have enjoyed the blogs that Sue writes about her and others ancestery. And because of her blogs, we have gained insight into the lives of people that were not of the so called upperclasses. Sue has brought life to those who lived long ago and maybe not so long ago.
I , for one, started enjoying history because of her blogs and taken an interest (of sorts) into other types of history also.

This movie comes right off the pages of something Sue could have written, even the comments etc.

An Irish girl, of 50 years ago, having to give up her child while she was in a convent, and then her trials of trying to find him 50 years later.

I am not the sort to twist anyone's arm but folks, this is a must see movie. So bear the twist marks and please do see this movie.