My lungs are much better now (till next event anyway)!
Meme has figured out she is now the Queen Bee of the apt. & demands my attention at every turn. (and gets it)
My mail box has been fixed after being run over by a boat trailer. (Bloody young drivers)
Baby due upstairs about 2nd week of August. (groan!!!!!!!!!)
Finally got my health Ins. squared away but they still have my address wrong. (Nincompoops)
Decided to get my robe out of hiding & hang it by front door. (Just incase I need it to step outside and be covered better)

Hired my neighbor's son Joe, who lives in house behind apts., to cut down & remove a vine type bush from my front planter area today. That damn vine tries to sneak into my apt. via any tiny opening and is also taking over the whole planter area.
And yes! I had my robe on!
Joe is no kid (about 32) but is a bit mentally challenged and does very good yard work.

I happen to be one of those people that has a habit of looking at things from many different angles, including angles that may seems strange to other folks. I learned a long time ago- For every question there can be millions of answers but only about 20 out of those millions will really be a proper fit for the question. It's finding those 20 answers that can be a challenge to say the least.
Each and every one of you folks have problems of various sorts that need answering every day and usually resort to tried & true answers, but try looking at the question from a different angle for a change. It just might surprise you!