At about 3 am Saturday morning, My little cat Meme woke me up with paws to the face & LOTS of face licking.
At first, being that I wasn't fully awake, I thought she was trying to play until I realized I was having a hard time brreathing & that every breath I took burned like hell.
I quickly opened every window in the apt., turned on every frealin' fan, and then I stumbled outside gasping for breath & relief for my lungs.
My front door was open but screened door was closed and fans were pulling fresh air into the apt.
After about 20 mins. I could finally take a full breath without my lungs bruning so bad. I was leaning up against screened door with all my 3 critters on the other side-none the worse for wear.
I went inside to try and locate the cause of the smell but NOTHING was inside the apt. So I took a long look around outside of apt.
I soon noticed a pile of clothing at top of stairs to the apt. above mine.
Yup! A very quick look & smell of that pile let me know where the smell was coming from.
I knocked LOUD on their door & soon had the both of them answering their door. I quickly explained what had happened & what "might" have happened and they both apologised & Robert put his smelling clothes in a plastic bag. Which I explained might NOT be a very great idea. A bucket of water & suds was then used.
Seems Robert works in a factory which forms many plastic items with LOTS of caustic chemicals which get on his clothes. He then takesf his clothes when he gets home & leaves them outside till they are washed. And the wind was in the wrong direction last night and the smell seeped into my apt. NO WINDOW IS AIR TIGHT at these prices!
The folks upstairs were very sorry it happened and he would make sure it never happened again.
I returned to my apt. to make sure all my critters were still OK and give Meme a whole bunch of lovin'.
It was while I was shutting down my windows, to let the AC cool things down, when I noticed something I SHOULD have notice before- All I had on was a long tee shirt that barely covered my "nickers" and oh yes, no dentures in my mouth.
Hey! What do you expect in a situation like that?

I spent all day Saturday just letting my lungs heal. They still hurt a bit but nothing like they were. Me thinks I dodged a bullet thanks to Meme.