Over a year ago, I had a small lump form on the left side of my face in front of the ear. I could move it a bit so knew it wasn't attached to bone and it was firm.
About 3 weeks ago it started getting larger (about the size of a rounded up quarter) - mainly because I kept worrying it from time to time and it became sore. Then a few days ago it formed an angry looking red raised center and very painful. The whole area was now soft too.
I put moist heat packs on it all day yesterday, which made it more painful.
Then this morning, while watching the news, I felt something running down my face.
Yup! The whole thing had burst!!!
What a mess it was too! A large amount of cheesy white looking stuff was coming out and as I helped it along, I finally got out most of it before the pain got to be too much to bear.
Gave it more hot packs and about an hour later, more stuff came out.
The whole area is now flat but bruised & sore. I know what it is (was) and only hope it doesn't grow back.
A cyst by the looks of it.
Such is life