About 11:15pm last night, I shut down all electronics, turned out the lights, and plopped myself down to sleep. Then about 11:30 all help broke loose!!!
I heard a very loud zap sound, my surge protector started making weird sounds, and then a very bright green flash lit up the outside.
You can just imagine what my brave Tigs did!
Then another green flash and zap sound and everything went totally dark.
I heard another mad scramble from my cats and then all was dark & quiet.
I grabbed my maglite, by the side of my bed, and went to see what had happened.
I walked outside, in a long teeshirt with only my undies on underneath, and promptly discovered my new neighbor walking about too. She was in a robe and when she saw my outfit, she started to laugh- seems the lower part of my southern cheeks were showing.
We chuckled over that and being that she had already called power company and learned it would be at least 3 hrs. before it all was fixed, I headed back to my apt. door.
And guess who was standing there? The guy named Nasa, who lives in apt. behind me. He is from Packistan and speaks broken english. I hardy ever see this guy let alone speak to him or hear him.
So here I stood, in such a lovely outfit, with this fellow asking me if I had any candles!
Oh! Forgot to mention- I didn't have my teeth in either!
So what is a dragon supposed to do?
Invite the guy in, give him 3 candles, with long wooden matches, give him the 2 beers I had been gifted (which I don't drink), and wished him a good night.
He thanked me and went on his merry way. Most likely thinking weird thoughts about Americans. Wouldn't blame him either!!!

I didn't dare open my windows cause it was hot & humid out and thankfully, after only an hour & a half the power was back on.
As for my cats: Meme was fine after about 15 mins. but Tigs didn't come out of hiding till this morning.
Geeps could have cared less about the whole thing!

As for the guy named Nasa: He will most likely be buying a one way ticket back to his home country sooner rather then later.