Landlord woke me up at 6:30 am with his repair work upstairs. He and two other guys where havig a grand time slamming & banging all day.
Then I had a nice chat with Jenny to brighten up my day a bit.
Right after I had finished Skyping with Jenny yesterday, Tigs came running, hell bent for election, into my room and jumped into my lap. Sure enough! A thunderstorm was on our door step and I had to shut everything down. Tigs is my first alert on thunderstorms.
Had a storm, off and on, for rest of the day & evening. It did cool things down a bit. Not much but a bit.
Got a call from Betty (the nurse) & she still hasn't arranged for a doc. appointment yet. If anyone can get me into see a doctor (that has a full load) she can.
Then she asked me about my eating habits.
Now all of you folks know- I eat what I damn well feel like eating & that includes BACON!!!
She finally told me to try turkey bacon instead of real bacon.
I have heard this comment just one too many times of late and so I informed her:
Pigs & turkeys do NOT mate and therefore there is no such thing as turkey bacon!
With my imagination, you can guess what I am seeing in my mind about turkeys & pigs going at it!
Betty got the drift real quick and let the subject drop! It landed with a thud!!!

Today is just another day and the myths don't bother me one bit.
Landlord came for a bit to work upstairs, and I subspect he had a bit of mopping up to do, being that he left the windows open yesterday and it rained like hell.
Rain off & on again today and my Tigs curled up beside me.
Bacon about to get fried and all is right with the world on this Friday the 13th.
Hope you all are having a grand day!