While watching TV this morning, the picture started to flicker & dance around, more so then it has been doing but at least it would settle down- not this time. I tried to fiddle with the controls (including a few well placed slaps) but nothing worked. I do get great sound though!!!
This TV is almost 8 yrs. old and been moved around a lot so it is time for a new one. It doesn't even have a jack for headphones (which I need to get).
Found a nice new Samsung 32" at a local store (on line) & hope to be able to make payments on it. Won't know till Monday.

Other news: Betty has been trying to get me an appointment with a good GP in Lake Wales & near areas but no luck. And here's why:
1. They all have full case loads
2. There are very few good doctors in the area
3. Most really good doctors are located in bigger cities (it's all about the money)
Betty is still hoping she can locate someone soon, otherwise I need to wait until I have another "event" and call 911 & head for hospital. BUT don't go to hospital on the weekends- Betty says: That is when the weekend crews are there and they don't get the connection with patients like the folks do who work during the week. So their work is slipshod!
Like I can time an "event" !
Much less living long enough to dial 911 & have the breath to tell them what is wrong!
Ya just gotta love Florida small town living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in the mean time: I'll nap, eat what I wish, surf the net, write, and raise hell with you folks!