I sort of lost it yesterday (sort of putting it mildly). Just not being able to suck in enough air & pain in chest & back, really threw me for a loop (and I am loopy enough as it is). Never had it this bad before!
The weather here was hot & humid with plenty of pollen floating around yesterday & it will be worse today- not stepping outside at all.
Still waiting to hear when I'll get to see doctor and hopefully can avoid hospital visit. Just the thought of the logistics of who will take care of my critters causes my stress levels to rise.
I did get plenty of rest & sleep last night and my food intake is still really good as are my inner systems.
As much as I have spouted that I am not afraid of death, I found out yesterday that I still am. After much thought- I still have lots that I wish to do which includes bugging the crap out of you folks.
So with that in mind- will be a good Do Bee and follow whatever doctor suggests when I finally see him.