Finally went to store today, thanks to Brian and got a lot of fresh fruit.
Part way through the shopping, I had to sit down for a bit and then got my butt up & forced myself to finish shopping.
On way home, got a few Lotto tickets for tonight's drawing.
Brian helped me unload my stuff and I had to lay down for a few hours to get my act back together. While lying down, I got to see the movie: Walter Mitty & I loved it.
When I was in about the 5th or 6th grade, I read a short story called Walter Mitty and it stuck with me all my life. As a youngster, I was a dreamer to the core- much like Walter- and when I finally got out into the world, I spread my short wings and started, not only learning about life, but doing it. Again, like Walter!

What I haven't told you all is: Brian called Betty- who is a nurse that goes to his church. She is going to get me an appointment with a specialist in Lake Wales and she will also take me there & get me home. Betty called me & told me to be prepared to go to hospital and Brian will take care of my critters if that happens.

Now wouldn't it be just my luck to win Lotto & my bloody lungs give out?
But it would be fitting to know that Walter was there at the start of my life as well as the...