Started out cloudy & still cloudy! Forecast says rain but it all has bypassed us for the last several days. At least its not so hot today.

Put out food for a stray calico cat last night & a black Pitbull stray puppy showed up. He is nothing but skin & bones & very fearful.I called animal control today but they said it would be Thursday before they could get out here. That puppy could be in Texas by that time or worse. NO! I am NOT going to try & catch him!!!!

Will be going to grocery store tomorrow & will get some fresh fruit (per someone's suggestion-LOL), and stock up on a few other items like bacon!!!!

I joined Netflixs (again) so have been watching some good movies-Gravity is a good one and will get Walter Mitty on Wed.

Meme,Tigs, & Geeps are all sacked out at this time and guess I'll do the same..
Have a great day folks!