not been feeling too chipper and spending most of my time lying about & watching the old boob tube. When I could sit up, or get up, for a few minutes, I would answer a few blogs & head right back to bed.
I was able to throw a roast in a slow cooker yesterday- it turned out OK for not having any added things in with it. But Boy! Did it shrink!!!!At least I'll get a few sandwiches out of it.
The weather here has been way too hot- 90+ & humid and even though rain is in forecast, it misses here. So my fans are on & A/C when I really need it.

I did put out a tray of scraps (from the roast) last night, for any local strays but the heat in the night turned it bad, so it all got thrown away.

Nothing of import to talk about really!
Have a great day folks