When you become a member of a social network, you get to know many folks and that includes their likes & dislikes along with their pets. And in some cases, the adventures of your friend's pets can be just as much fun to read about as the folks who share a home with them.
So, not only is a bond formed with your new friends but their pets also. It's a total package! (At least this is how I feel)
It doesn't matter if the pet belongs to your friend or not, or a critter that they speak of from time to time, that critter(s) becomes part of how you think about your friend.

So when a friend's pet becomes hurt, lost, sold, or even dies, our hearts go out to that friend.
That's one of the aspects I love about my friends on Ipernity- You care, and not just for the humans but the critters too.

Cause when ya really get down to it, our critters are what makes us who we are.