Now I assume we all have seen where folks online write: "I need a hug" and or someone writes them a hug. But as we all know, you just can't phyically give someone a hug online. Unless you know something I don't!

So how do we convey a hug online?

Simple: When you know a person has problems (good or bad), we give them a hug by saying things they need or should hear. It shows you care enough to speak up and that is just as good as a real hug. Those words (whatever they are) convey a lot in a person's life and lets them know someone really does care.

My buddy Bob and I discussed this subject earlier today and he mentioned that, some folks you just don't give hugs to cause they give off a vibe that warns: Stay Back!
Yup! There are those out there that don't want hugs at all. That seems sad to me but that is how they feel.
Then there are folks who just give you a quick hug & a pat on the back. That, to me, is more a greeting/goodbye then a true hug.
Hugs are very special, to my way of thinking, and I never give a physical one unless I really mean it and then I really put my heart into it, just so the one receiving that hug feels how much I care about them.
And did you know, that folks who really do need a physical hug never ask for them. It's true! And the reason is generally because they have such good friends, who give them good advice, or fun words, or even a kick in the butt when needed. And they can feel those hugs from miles away, even if the word hug is never used.