last night, why I am so absorbed about learning new things, in the fields I really enjoy.
I mean, it's not like I work for some company or research facility. I am NOT writing a book about any of this stuff and all I learn is right out there for anyone to read.
Once I kick the bucket, the information will NOT be lost, so why do I do it?

Well, in the first place, it keeps my mind active and off other matters!
And in the second place, it is pure fun!!!
Thirdly, It lets me come up with my own questions & theories (not to mention driving all you folks mad). LOL
Last but not least, It is something I can do that saves me from busting a lung.

Sure! I have other things I do, like my art and terrorizing my cats ( Geeps does not terrorize), but the research I do really does keep the old noodle perkin' along.