I was only 26 and really didn't like history- especially US history. My teachers had tried to cram it down my throat while in grade school, along with histories from Rome, Greece, etc. and at 26, I was still bulking at histories. Then, while visiting my parents just before I went away to the USAF, a show came on TV. It was Glenda Jackson playing the lead role in the TV series about Elizabeth R.
At first I rolled my eyes heavenward but being my dad was incharge of what we watched, I settled back to at least get a short nap while the show was on.
Nap be damed! I was hooked in the first few minutes.
I had no idea, at the time, if the show was accurate or not but all a sudden I liked history! That is, British history, especially about Elizabeth l.

Yesterday, on the History channel, I now learned facts about her and some things that are still a mystery. No matter! She will always be the one who gave me a love of history- certain types that is. She made my life richer for it!

BTW! My dad hated the show and would have turned off the TV if my mom hadn't put her foot down- GO MOM!!!!! LOL