I guess we all love photos of cute critters and I am no exception, but sometimes we stop short of certain critters.

Now aren't these babies cute?

and here's they are with mom!

Opps! Did I just lose you folks?
I hope not!
Cause this is the world of the:
Vulture and what it is now facing world wide!

These wonderful birds are facing extiction world wide thanks to us and here is why:

While you may not like how they look or what they do, their role in nature is a huge one and their populations are down 60% world wide.
As you know, these birds eat carrion and various breeds eat certain parts, so nothing is left to talk about. Bearded vultures eat only the bones and know how to break bones apart. Their guts can handle almost everything including diseases but NOT poisions.
So if a tribesman, rancher, farmer, etc. is having a problem with wolves, foxes, feral dogs, etc. they set out poisions to kill off their problem critters & in turn the vultures eat the dead problem critters. Even if a vulture only gets a small amount of poision in their system, they pass it on to their chicks & they die.
For several hundred years, vultures have kept the rabies disease(and other various diseases) from getting out of hand, but now it is on the rise due to few vultures being around to stop it.
If it wasn't for the vultures we would be neck deep in carrion.
It's all about natural balance and for some damn reason, many humans just don't seem to understand that concept.
So ya may not care for their looks nor want to see them doing their job but ya have to admit, they do their job well and we need them.
Boy! Do we ever need them!