When the seasons change, I pack away certain clothing items till the season changes again.
Bull hockeys!!!
I no more then pack away my summer clothes and get my winter clothes out & BAM! Need the summer clothes again. Then this bloody cold hits & I unpack the winter stuff again only to learn that this coming weekend, it will be in the low 80s again.
And being that I have limited space in my apt. I have to come up with a better plan to cope with this so... I put both types of clothing in one big plastic container & will use those till this season settles down. And I get the feeling that is NOT going to happen.
My cats have taken over my bed, which is fine but they want the spot where I sleep.
My dog Geeps, has her mat right next to baseboard heater & she is as happy with that as a pig in sh**!
Welcome to Global Warming folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!