As many of you know, I have a VERY inquiring mind and research many subjects. This can be either fun or a pain in royal arse at times.
And here's why...

What was once fiction yesterday, can be fact today, and turn right around & be fiction tomorrow. Same goes for truth or false!
And this includes just about everything we see & deal with every day (including our own selves), not just stuff from the past/present.

1. You may have brown hair today but tomorrow it may be stone cold white.
2. Your neighbor may be a seemingly wonderful person, then gets arrested as a mass murderer.
3. You grew up in a loving home, with great parents, and ya have the birth papers to prove it. Then ya find out, you were left on their doorstep, as a baby.
4. Today ya say ya don't like to eat anything with more then 2 arms & 2 legs, but that too can change. And quicker then ya think.
I could add millions of examples here, but ya get the picture.

When I took stock of all that is around me & of myself, I quickly learned that what are facts in my life now, could be fiction tomorrow. Or vice versa!

Our world & our very lives are NOT constant. Who & what we were yesterday, & are today, will be different tomorrow.

So I have tossed out looking for facts/fictions/truths/falsehoods and just look for new information from the past/present and not try to classify it nor pass judgement on it, cause as soon as I do, things will change.

Did ya enjoy your trip around the bend of my mind? LOL
If not! Imagine how I feel taking trips in your mind!