It got down to 34F & wind chill made it feel like 12F. That wind has been howling ALL night long. But I know others further north are having it a whole lot worse. My buddy Bob lost power at his home early this morning, after his wife left for work. He had to go to senior center to stay warm. His tempts. are -4F with wind chill of -12F. Thank God his power is now back on.
I stayed up late last night to watch a college football game (BCS) (my team won!), and couldn't really get to sleep till about 3 a.m. No more then started to doze off when I heard a dog loudly whimpering nearby. I looked out window but didn't see anything. I can only hope it found a place to settle down out of the wind. We do have strays in area, and I suspect it was one of them.
Meme has decided she will play with new cat toy but only on a limited basis & she is being VERY danty about it.
After Geeps had her outing at 6 a.m., I went back to sleep till about 8 a.m. That is when a verbal brawl started upstairs. It is now after 9 & the fight is still going on. Nuff said on that score!
Cats & Geeps are now back to sleep and I am turning on soft music & do the same.
Hope all of you are safe & warm & still have your homes in one piece!