Turning back the clock a bit:

When I was in my early 30s, I visited my parents at there home in Florida for a few days. The area they lived in was not very developed at the time and most homes were set well apart. There wasn't a home directly behind my parents place, just open space, but there were homes on either side of that open space.
Soon after I arrived, I learned my dad was having gopher problems. It looked like several gophers had built many mounds in their backyard. My dad had tried poisions (didn't work), running a water hose into mounds to flush them out (didn't work either-the sandy soil just sucked up the water), He even tried firecrackers (Nope! Didn't work either).
So my dad decided to borrow a double barrel shot gun, from his neighbor, and lie in wait for a gopher to show its head above a mound.

Please bear in mind: My father hated guns of any sort & had never used one.
I, on the other hand, knew a fair share about guns especially rifles. I was a cop in Georgia at the time.

My mom & I watched (from the safety of their living room), my dad lay down on the ground and propted the end of the rifle barrel on a brick pointed at top of the gopher mound , "placed" the butt of rifle to his shoulder, and attempt to wait for a shot. All this time I am looking at him, the mound, & what lies beyond.

After about 20 minutes, he came inside to get a drink- hunting gophers is thirsty business folks!

I quietly suggested to him that he might want to change his position and shoot from another angle.

Please also bear in mind: My dad was NEVER a fan of mine! Never!!!! He was also the type of person who didn't take advice from anyone very well. Nope! Not well at all!

At this point, He told me where I could put my advice, and he stormed out the door to once again take up his prone position (with shotgun) to rid the world of a gropher. My mom & I just looked at each other & we returned to our own posts, at window, to watch the action (if any).

A short time later, a gopher did raise its head above its hole in that mound and my father did pull the trigger (both barrels at once) on that shotgun.

Note: The neighbor's home, that sits behind & off to the left, of my parent's home, had a beautiful glassed in back porch. (Do you all know where I am going with this folks?)

Needless to say: My father missed the gopher, my dad aquired a very large bruise on his right shoulder, but he did score a direct hit on his neighbor's glassed porch.
All I can say to that is, I am glad no one was sitting on that porch at the time.

Now it is true, that my mom & I were very concerned about what had happened but we also had a hard time containing the giggles. We both decided to clear the area & go shopping. Once we got into my car, we both could hardly see through all the tears of laughter.
When we came home a few hours later, the cops were at my parents place and the neighbor & my dad were exchanging "comments", my dad's right shoulder was hanging a bit low, and the unhurt gopher was hitch hiking up State road 27.

My mom suggested I might want to cut my visit short (my dad would have taken it all out on me), which I promptly agreed. On my way north, I saw the gopher getting a lift from a car with Canada licenses plates, so all was good for the gopher.
I later learned my dad had to replace all the glass that was destroyed plus other damages, to the tune of $5000.
The above insident really happened (except for the gopher getting a ride), and I never mentioned it in front of my dad when I visited, but ya can bet your sweet asre my mom & I had many a laugh over it.

Moral of story: When ya want to get rid of a gopher- give it an all expense paid holiday to anywhere except your backyard. It's cheaper!