A strong wind from the north has brought cold tempts. to central Florida (high of 52F) but NOT like what the rest of the NE is getting. Our own Gracie won't be out cyclin' today for sure & my buddy Bob will be tucked inside too.They are in the minus dept. with lots of blowing snow etc.! Brrrrrrrr!
At least the rain has stopped here!

Landlord stopped by for my rent check & I filled his ears & he in turn filled mine. He has had more talks with them & "if" all goes to plan, they will be moving out by 1st. of March. Groan!!!! My landlord is trying to get back some of what they owe him ( I understand that), and he is also trying to help out the huband cause landlord knows his mama real well.
I told landlord, all I wanted was to be able to get some sleep at normal times and not hear all that loud screamin' 24/7. He agreed with me & told me to either call him or sheriff when it happened. I am very weary folks!

I gave the cats a 2' length of cloth ribbon the other day and it has become their bestest toy. Meme especially loves it! Ya would need a high speed camera to get her in action with it.

That meatloaf I made and put in refridgerator, makes great cold sandwiches. And I haven't died from it yet so there is hope.

That old north wind sure makes a great groaning sound as it whips its way around this building. Cats are finally getting used to it and that is a good thing. Their new toy & my pans should be here on Tuesday & just hope they will have fun with it.
Hope ya all are all safe and warm.