As you all know, I am NOT a cook! I do cook a few items like fried chicken etc. but most of my cooking is done in a microwave.
My fry pans slight curved bottoms and they didn't come that way when new. The pans got that way from me putting them in soapy water right after I turned off the heat from stove. The metal buckeled!
The stove I have now has a glass top and those old fry pans have to be watched all the time or they will move & NOT in the rection you want them to.
So I talked with a few really good Southern cooks in the area and discovered they all used cast iron pans & pots. I have used these in the past (years ago) and know how much better the food taste but also know they are heavy & need special care every so often.
Not to mention using them on a glass top stove!
So I ordered a 3 set from Amazon- cost is a 1/3 of what other pans cost and these are already seasoned. Yeah!!!!
Wilma is going to give me some recipities for cast iron cooking. Corn bread etc.
Now all I need to do is get some really good oven pads.
Any of you folks ever cooked with cast iron? Ya can also bake with the same pan too.